Reforest the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean

Protected by the United Nations (UNESCO)

2.3 million trees to plant
3,000 hectares of new forest created, equivalent of 4,200 football fields
432,000 tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere

4,000 animal shelters to be installed including nesting boxes
Repair damaged water points for mammals
Construction of erosion barriers to avoid landslides near trees
Opening of areas and paths to prevent and fight fires
140,000 hours of work for local workers
Restoration work will be done manually due to difficult access for machinery 

The Mediterranean Green Pack

    • Planting trees where they are needed most
    • Protecting young trees born alone from fallen seeds.
    • Building shelters and water points for animals
    • Opening areas and paths without vegetation to prevent fires and slow their spread
    • Creating barriers and vegetation cover to fight soil erosion and prevent landslides
    • Other works for a healthy forest with its biodiversity

Each Mediterranean Green Pack includes planting or protecting a tree and contributes to the other conservation works, according to the needs of each forest.
Forests are restored by area, usually by hectare—10,000 m2, an area slightly larger than a soccer field. Restoration work and cost can vary depending on forest degradation, accessibility, soil characteristics, water requirements and the status of biodiversity.

Your Mediterranean Green Pack Protect nature and the climate

Your CO2

Your oxygen

Life Shelter

Cooler air

Everyone has a role to play
Every action makes a difference