Corfu, the emerald island of the Mediterranean

Aerial view of Porto Timoni Corfu e1615286552676 Corfu, the emerald island of the Mediterranean Arboreal

The island of Corfu in the northwestern corner of Greece is among the greenest and  among the most beautiful Greek islands. There is a variety and abundance of plant life like few other places in Greece and more than 2 million olive trees.  Some of the most amazing beaches in the Mediterranean are on Corfu, and while tourism has impacted much of the coastal areas, many inland villages are surprisingly unspoiled. The island is linked to the history of Greece since the beginnings of Greek mythology. Corfu was the hiding place chosen by Jason and the Argonauts after stealing the Golden Fleece. Posideon, the god of the sea fell in love with the daughter of the river-god Asopos on the island, giving birth to the race of the Phaeacians. The city’s old town was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.