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2 million trees to plant

Join the planting of 2 million trees along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, with a special reforestation of burned forests in the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean. The Reserve is unique in the world and is protected by the United Nations.

The Mediterranean Green Belt represents the largest green infrastructure in southern Europe and the most important restoration of forests in the Mediterranean led by people.

Antalya Turkey PLANT & PROTECT Arboreal

Antalya Declaration for the role of forest and ecosystem restoration for future Mediterranean generations

The Mediterranean countries participating in the Seventh Mediterranean Forest Week, held in Antalya, Turkey, on 24 March 2022, under the auspices of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization:

  • Endorsed the Agadir Commitment to restore 8 million hectares of forests in the Mediterranean by 2030.
  • Underlined the importance of youth empowerment and engagement in building climate resilience in the Mediterranean region.
  • Encouraged the management of Mediterranean forests and landscapes towards a vision where social, environmental, economic and cultural benefits are equally integrated.
  • Considered the potential for forest landscapes restoration  in the Mediterranean region as being among the world’s most significant restoration efforts and to be recognised as a World Restoration Flagship in the context of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

The Mediterranean has a unique natural heritage that attracts more than 360 million tourists every year, making it the most visited region in the world.

“The Mediterranean region holds over 80 million hectares of degraded land. More than 400,000 hectares of forests are burned each year, and at least 16 animal and plant species in Mediterranean forests are at risk of extinction, due to environmental threats such as climate change…The maintenance of healthy forested landscapes is essential for reducing the impacts of climate change. Effective planning, implementation, and monitoring of large-scale programmes mainstreaming Forest and Landscape Restoration and promoting joint mitigation and adaptation approaches are critical to achieving climate and restoration goals in the Mediterranean region.”
Union for the Mediterranean, Scaling up forest and landscape restoration in the Mediterranean region, 2022.

Albania Valbona PLANT & PROTECT Arboreal
Mallorca pine trees PLANT & PROTECT Arboreal

“Forests in the Mediterranean region are not only important because of their high ecological value, but also due to their contribution to the human welfare in the region.”
European Forest Institute

“…forests provide highly valuable products, such as cork, resin, tannins, fodder, medicinal and aromatic plants, fruits, berries, nuts, roots, mushrooms, seeds, honey…”
European Commission, New EU Forest Strategy for 2030.