13th day of eruption for the La Palma volcano

lava 3 13th day of eruption for the La Palma volcano Arboreal

The lava from the La Palma volcano, in Canary Islands, that erupted ten days ago reached the sea,  a potentially dangerous phenomenon, according to authorities and television images showed. The impact was feared for days as lava washed away everything on its way from the volcano to the west coast of the island. The explosions of the volcano continue to throw ash and small fragments of volcanic slag that reach one centimeter in diameter. Almost 30km of roads have been destroyed by lava. The area affected by the eruptions covers 3,172 hectares, equivalent to. 4500 soccer fields. Since its eruption on September 19, the volcano has emitted 80 million cubic meters of material, destroyed 30km of roads and 870 buildings. The color of lava depends on its temperature. It starts  bright orange (up to 1150ºC) then cool to brownish red (up to 650ºC).